Best of INK talks


The INK conference in association with TED, is India’s leading platform for spreading ideas, having featured eminent speakers and leading innovators of India. Technologists, artists, entrepreneurs, space explorers…these are just a few examples of the types of speakers at a typical INK conference.

INKtalks are personal narratives that get straight to the heart of issues in 18 minutes or less. All INKtalks video area shares on the Official INK Talks Youtube channel and at the Official website of INK, for the world to watch for free!

This blog is dedicated to ensuring an opinion based preview of INK talks which can be more personal for the common man. With a candid description of the jist of each video, Best of INK talks is the central forum in case one wants to get a reviewed opinion on INK talks. Random is the approach that we want to promote while selecting instead of a provision of filters. So, get random, get surprised!!!


Sarthak Pranit,
Undergraduate, BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus

A free-lance copywriter by profession, I am everything that my parents warned me about. It was after entering engineering that I realized that the last thing I wanted to do was engineering. From then, life has had a lot of “lets try this”, and its best if that goes on.

Having been a TEDx licensee before, INK caught my eye as the Next Big Thing in India. Its humble objectives yet grand dreams are something that is an inspiration to the core of mankind. I often saw that people spend five minutes in just trying to select a video. My basic objective with this forum is giving the option of ‘random selection’ to an user, the option to surrender to choice, to be at a disposition to be surprised.

Arunima Shah
MBA, University of Calcutta

A writer at heart, a student by profession, a researcher by aspiration, I am currently based out of Kolkata and pursuing MBA from the University of Calcutta.
My name means ‘The Glow of Dawn’ & it makes me believe in the inspirational ability of nature. When not studying or working on research projects, I am either writing my blog or creating content for websites which belong to friends. Having been born in Bengal, brought up half in Bengal and half in Odisha and originally hailing from Rajasthan, I could get to learn around 5 languages which I feel really good about.
INK Talks is about inspirations and initiatives to make this world a better place. All the talks that I have heard and written about have influenced me in some small way and helped me write more passionately. Hope they strike the right cord with you too!

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