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Paper Engineering Gone Wild

Paper is something that we have always lived with. The more sensible of us only see it as the smoothest bark of a tree. But to Rives, paper is the most fascinating. It is something that he can touch, play with and use to create. Rives’ mantra is to create something that is CLEVER.COOL.LOVELY. These three words describe most of his creations.

Rives brings to our attention the two major kinds of pop-ups: A page action pop-up where the energy of opening a page is making the action happen and the other being an interactive pop-up.

Turning paper three dimensional using nothing but its very own properties is what Rives seems to specialise in. He explains the fascination with paper where he claims that all his creations are inspired by the wish to create something clever, cool and lovely. Rives also attemps to look beyond the surface and pudhing oneself to the limit. On creating a Christmas box; Rives utilised 24 components out of 48 total facets but the first prototype fell apart and one whole side fell forward. Despite an initial disappointment; Rives points out that his second thought was- “hello! Secret Compartment!”

Rives leaves us with one thought alone- he doesn’t intend to show us (implying digitisation) what he makes but rather hand us what he makes. Rives proves to be an excellent speaker at INK because as he said; paper and ink have been lovers for millennia.

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