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How easy is it to clean Oil Spills

Nikhilesh Das’ talk is a classic example of small things making a big difference. Water Pollution is one of the biggest problems this world is facing currently and oil spills, the major component of the same.

Das’ approach is simple. As a child, he remembered how his mother would oil his hair and the oil would stick to his hair. He attempted to apply the same concept in an experiment and extracted 95% of oil from water in the first go.

On hearing of the death of thousands of migratory birds during a major oil spillage; he realised that feathers also worked the same and similarly sawdust. With both these elements; he had similar results. 95% of oil had been removed in the first attempt itself. As Das put it, he is looking for an easy and inexpensive way to remove oil spills. Currently working on a machine that would combine these experiments; Das believes in the positive effect such a machine would have on the environment as he is using waste products to clear up more waste.

Nikhilesh Das’ idea is honest and clear and hopefully; will soon provide a working solution to this problem.

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